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About Us

Quality Products

Xtreme Tan is a trusted online retailer specialising in the supply of high quality Melanotan 2 products in the UK. We place a high priority on quality, all our Melanotan is manufactured is a GMP pharmaceutical laboratory to ISO 9001:2015 standards receiving numerous quality control checks that ensure the highest purity before being passed onto our clients.


Shipping & Secured Payments

  • Free UK standard shipping.

  • Free UK delivery on orders over £20

  • All our orders are posted within 24 hours by 1st class Royal Mail 

  • We use Square Pay which is secured and utilises all major credit or debit cards

Choice of nasal or injectable Melanotan

High purity Melanotan for the best results

best injectable tanning sprays
Best nasal tanners
Melanotan 2
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Be Proud of Your Tan

Several health benefit claims such as improved appearance, enhanced mood, and increased vitamin D levels have been attributed to tanning. Furthermore, the Indoor Tanning Association claims that “catching some rays may lengthen your life”. Exposure to sunlight has been linked to improved energy and elevated mood.

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